Cuts Team

There are 16 members in total that service the Cuts-Team nationally and Internationally.                                     Both male and female members make up the team with an open door policy for any budding Cutman/Woman to come and shadow the team to gain hands on experience working ring or octagon side. 

Joseph Clifford

joseph-cliffordJoseph founded and has ran his own company ‘Hands on Therapy’ since 2007 providing on field coverage for sporting events and clinical care for amateur and professional sport.

He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Health Science, Diploma in Physica Therapy and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.).

Joseph founded ‘Cutman’ in 2010 and works as a licensed professional Cutman nationally and internationally and currently works for the UFC. 

He designed lectures and trains Cutmen/Seconds for amateur and professional combat sports and is sanctioned recognized by the Boxing Union of Ireland (BUI) and SafeMMA.

He is a member of the Irish Exercise Teachers Ass., The Irish Physical Therapy Ass. & the National Strength and Conditioning Ass. USA. 

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Jonathan Lewins

jonathan-lewinsAs a kick boxer Jonathan has won Irish, European & World Kickboxing Titles. Jonathon founded and co-manages his own gym Kickboxing Inc. He has coached, and worked corners for many national and international kickboxing champions.  He has been a Licensed Cutsman for a number of years now and brings all of his experience as a champion, coach, and
Cutman to the Cuts Team.

David Kavanagh

David Kavanagh

David has been a Cutman since 2013 and has served his apprenticeship working many national, international boxing and MMA events, even as far as Madison Square Gardens working with the lage great Paddy Hyland and Son Patrick 'Paj the Punisher' Hyland. 

David was an Irish International boxer and has won many Irish national titles as a school boy, junior and senior. He also served as a coach under the tutelage of Mick Dowling (Irish National and International boxer and Olympian) were he served as a coach for number of years. 

Dave brings his skills ringside and talent to working corners and providing ring and octagon services as a Cutman.

Madison Square Gardens with the Late Great Paddy Hyland & Son Patrick 'Paj the Punisher' Hyland