Cutman Course IMMAF Approved

The Cutman Course was born out of the dire need to educate seconds/cutmen and women on fighter safety and care. The Cutman Course is now part of a three tiered system of training with IMMAF. 

Grade C is entry level and is a one day course with compulsory elements such as first aid CPR & AED (where AED is not a legal requirement in your country e.g. Portugal only certain professions are allowed to have AED training. CPR Will be sufficient). 

Grade B is a written and pracitical examination and Grade A is a logbook of compulsory activies. 

Cutman Course Grade C 

The course does not endorse the use of dangerous drugs e.g. Adrenaline 1:1000 and only uses modern scientific principles which is evidence based. It educate participants on hygiene, sanitation, concussion best practice in delivering safe and effective treatments between rounds, post-fight in the gym and much more…..  

 10am Start History of Cutmen

  • Primary Purpose
  • Making Moral Calls (Thought by
  • Rules & Regulations: Sanctioned Hemostatic Agents/Drugs
  • Coagulation Cascade
  • Types of Bleeds: Venial V’s Arterial

11am Hand Wrapping & Hand Wrapping for Injury


12.30pm Tools of the Trade

  • How to build a simple but effective pro cuts kit using the essentials and eliminating unnecessary items e.g. endswells and brand names.

2pm Impaired Consciousness & Concussion (generally thought by a healthcare practitioner)

3pm Hemostatic Agents (drugs, or substances That Stop Bleeding): Prescribed vs Natural 

  • Rules & Regulation pretaining to hemostatic agents with various world bodies e.g. AIBA, WBA, Unified Rules of MMA etc. 
  • Indications for Using Hemostatic Agents & Contraindications Relevant to Combat Sports

3.30pm Vascular & Neural Networks of the Face & Skull

  • Venial & Arterial Bleeds
  • Venial & Arterial Nose Bleeds 

3.45pm Hygeine, Cross Contamination and Sanitation

4.00pm Handling Skills & Treatments 


  • Lacerations, Nose Bleeds (Epitaxis), Hematomas and much more.....

First Aid & Wound Care 

Each participant should on completion of the course complete an occupational 1st aid course with CPR & AED with a reputable and certified organization that covers; concussion, or head & thoracic trauma, not forgetting lacerations, nose bleeds and hematoma's, not limited to and including upper and lower limb injuries.


Then those who wish to pursue a career as a Cutman should start their apprenticeship with a reputable and known mentor/Cutman who practices good hygeine and sanitation. Always putting fighters safety first before personal gratification e.g. sweat wipers..... 

As a general rule an apprenticeship should faciliate all tasks that are required of a Cutman e.g. well versesed in combat sports rules and regulations, hand wrapping, supervised hours under an experienced Cutman treating lacerations, nose bleeds, swelling to name but a few.

Supervisin Apprentice

A good Cutman whom is comfortable in the octogon, or ring takes years, constantly updating and honing their skills and constantly practicing. So be patient work hard and learn the trade. 

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