From as early as 2010 we have run services to facilitate budding Cutmen/Cutwomen in amateur and professional combat sports. 

I include a clip from one of our students whom travelled from Canada to take part in the Cutman Course and shadow the Cuts-Team on a number of Events.

Mentorship with Greta Dearing


Field Event Coverage

Field Event Coverage is the provision of immediate care to combat athletes e.g. boxing, MMA, K1, Muay Thai etc.. And the treatment of injuries received during a bout. 

Event Coverage

Below are some questions we are frequently asked about our field and event coverage.

What services does we provide during field and event coverage?

  • On the spot treatment and assessment of facial injuries e.g. laceration, hematoma's and epitaxis (nose bleeds) but not limited to said injuries. 
  • Concussion Care & C-Spine Immobilization 
  • Provision of first aid 
  • All of our team members have an Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
  • Are trained in CPR & Defibrillator

When are you available for field and event coverage?

  • We are available weekdays, weeknights and weekends
  • Two weeks advance notice is recommended

Who is eligible to use the service?

  • All combat sport teams
  • All levels of sports e.g. amateur and professional.
  • All types of sporting events e.g. national to international 

What are the qualifications of your staff members?

  • All of the Cuts-Team have current CPR & AED, wound care and combat first aid. 

What are the advantages of using Field Event Coverage

  • Prevents liability issues for coaches and/or supervisors
  • Provides peace of mind for parents and the participants
  • Ensures participants of immediate care and management of acute injuries which will reduce overall injury time

Cuts-Team Services


All members of our cuts-team have extensive experience working in the field of amateur and professional combat sports including amateur and professional MMA, elite amateur and professional boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai etc.

Each of the aforementioned disciplines has its own rules and regulations. However, the same principles apply to all our Cut-Teams and within all disciplines, ‘fighter safety and care first, keeping the fighter in the fight is always secondary to that’.

We have covered most major and minor events

  • Elite AIBA amateur boxing AOB & WSB (Rio 2016 Olympics & AIBA World Championships Doha 2015, Azerbaijan Baku Fires Silver Medalist WSB)
  • Pro-Boxing European & World Boxing (EBU, WBA)
  • Amaterur MMA (IMMAF Euros 2015-2016)
  • World Pro-MMA(UFC, ACB, BAMMA, Cage Warriors )
  • Nationally BAMMA, Battlezone, Akuma, Clan Wars, UXC and many.....

No event being too big or small. All our Cuts-Team are licensed Boxing and MMA Cutmen/Seconds and are educated versed in the use of the natural hemostatic agents AND DO NOT USE DANGEROUS DRUGS ADRENALINE 1:1000

Our experience and backgrounds being one of our key selling factors in any professional combat sport. Although you may put any individual in a corner with a Cutsman T-shirt nothing replaces the long apprenticeship served by all our Cuts Team.

All of our team have first aid CPR, defibrillator concussion care and an ERP (Emergency Response Plan) in case of emergencies evacuation.